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Updated: May 20, 2020


Hi people, this is my first blog and what could be better than sharing my personal fat to fabulous story. I used to be a chubby girl since my school days and looked a lot more mature than my actual age because of the same reason. I tried various types of dieting, exercises, running, gymming, yoga and much more but nothing seemed to effect. I was very sad and felt like a loser. But, slowly I realised that the only thing missing in my efforts was my self belief. I was not sure if I could ever look slim, fit and fabulous.But as I grew up and went to college in 2012 and like other kids, I was very excited about the freshers night. I badly wanted to win that miss fresher’s crown. The moment I got to know about the auditions for freshmen’s night, I went for the same. I was standing on the stage while some seniors and other freshmen were standing in the audience. I was about to start  performing when I heard someone shout from the crowd, “Ye moti dance karegi” and immediately the auditorium which was full of  students was filled with laughter. I was extremely heartbroken, I ran away and did not attend classes that day. Two days after this incident, co-incidentally our freshmen's night got postponed for 2 months because our dean was hospitalised for some serious health issue. That was my calling. That day I decided to wear the winning crown in front of all those who were body shaming me. I still remember buying that red dress which was 3 sizes smaller than my size. But I had the belief that I could fit into that pretty red dress very soon. The day I started believing in my self, I automatically started loving my body just the way it was and then lo and behold, everything was just a cake walk for me. After two months, on the D-Day,  I won the Miss freshmen’s crown. So to all my readers who dream to have a fabulous body, you own one already and you just need to bring it in shape and for that you need to believe in yourself because If I can do it, then so can you.


Your's truly Fabulous Bandi.

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